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Do you want learning the Holy Quran at Home, then you must visit our website. Iqra wa rattel el-Quran institute from this link http://iqrawarattelinstitute.com , “is an online institute of Qur’an, Tajweed, Arabic and Islamic Studies connecting you to a qualified and experienced male and female native Arabic teachers from Egypt.
-95% of teachers possess Ijazaa in Quran recitation.
-Quickly register at the Institute to get a 20% discount on package (baqat) during the month of April only.
-There is a surprise when two or more members of the same family join the Institute.
-There is a surprise when you guide another student to register at the Institute. “One free lecture”.
-There is two trial classes every one about 30-minute.
-Our courses will help you to achieve your desired goals in allocated time period.
*Summary of our courses
1- Basic Qur’an reading, the aim of this course is to set the foundation among students for reading Arabic (the language of the Qur’an) and to make them familiar with the basic rules for Qur’an recitation.
Estimated course duration 48 Hours for Elder “price = 363.99 $” , 60 Hours for Children “price=455.99 $” .
Some activity from this course:
Arabic Alphabet, Short Harakah, Sukoon, Long Harakah, Tanween, Shaddah, elc.
2- Recite the Holy Qur’an, Full Qur’an Reading is the most suitable course for Adults to continue after “Basic Quran Reading”. To keep the interest level of student high. This course is divided into 30 units.
Estimated commitment of study: 2-3 Hours per week.
3- Arabic classes this course helps the student gain a strong understanding of the Arabic language. This course starts from level zero to ends.
Estimated course duration (Elders): 150 Hours price=”1139.99 $” and for (Children): 200 Hours price=”1519.99 $”
4- There are other courses such as Islamic Studies For Kids, Khatmah Tilawah (Finish Qur’an Tilawah) , Tajweed, Arabic for Kids and Ijazaa.


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